Less is More

I find that “less is more” is often a principle to live by everyday. It is so easy to obtain stuff and more stuff! When I get something new, I try to envision what purpose it will hold and when it comes into my home I create a place for it to stay. Sometimes, that means getting rid of something old that is no longer being used to make room for something new. This photo featured inspires just that idea and takes it even further to another level, that of using your fashion as art on display to be enjoyed even when not in use. Pictured is Chanel’s shoe room in one the NYC boutique stores. We can see that the shoes are displayed with plenty of space along the shelving as if each is a piece of art. While many may not have a lot of closet space, it is a sure reminder to make the space available beautiful. So, let this inspire each of us to beautify our space and enjoy our “stuff” in more than one way. And of course, we can all aspire to having a lovely chandelier, too!