Basic Ten Items

While these basic ten items may slightly vary, I wish to share with you what I consider to be my basic ten items for my make-up bag. In case you were wondering where to start or what really matters, here’s what you should always have in your bag…

  1. Foundation or BB Cream (To even out complexion)
  2. Concealer (For more coverage on problem areas)
  3. Bronzer (To add a sunkissed color to face all around)
  4. Blush (To add a hint of color to apple of cheeks)
  5. Eye Primer (To create a base for eyeshadow and stay put)
  6. Brow Pencil (To shape the brows and frame the eye)
  7. Neutral eyeshadow (To give color and contour to the eye area)
  8. Eyeliner (To define the eye)
  9. Mascara (To make your lashes pop)
  10. Clear lip gloss (To add some shine and moisture to your lips)

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